API KC Award Winner: Peter Satugarn Limthongviratn

February 13, 2018

Award: Rising Star

Name: Peter Satugarn Limthongviratn

Title: Program Coordinator for the Asian Pacific American Resource Center

Institution: University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Quotes from nominator(s):

"Peter is a fierce advocate for AAPI students and the AAPI community. His advocacy for the AAPI community is exemplified through his leadership and the multiple roles he serves in supporting AAPI students."

"Peter never fails to show up. It is because he puts so much love, labor, and investment in all that he does. Even when he is at capacity, Peter continues to provide support with fierceness and kindness. I truly admire his relentless commitment to everything he does - and with no expectation of reward or recognition."

"Peter has truly empowered hist students to be leaders of not tomorrow, but today. He supports them through difficult times and events. He challenges them to inspire others and become owners of their own hxstory. He serves as their mentor, leader, and activator. Peter is not only a Rising Star in our field, but he is truly a rising star in the world. I am inspired by his work with this students and he motivates me to be better. His work and presence in the field reminds me and other colleagues to continue to fight, to be resilient, and to help develop our students to they can aspire to change the world."

Please help us in celebrating and recognizing Peter's accomplishments by attending our annual API KC Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, March 6th from 6:00-7:00pm @ Loews Congress B.  All are welcome. 

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