APPEX Pre-Conference: Asian Pacific Islanders Promotion Education eXcellence

January 11, 2018

Hello APIKC!

Happy New Year! We hope this message finds you well as we begin 2018. As a member of the Asian Pacific Islander Knowledge Community (APIKC), you may be familiar with some of our signature initiatives. One signature initiative is APPEX (Asian Pacific Islanders Promoting Educational eXcellence), which is the APIKC's pre-conference during the NASPA Annual Conference. Registration is currently open for the 2018 APPEX cohort and we were hoping that you could help recommend or refer someone who you think could benefit from participating in APPEX!

To recommend someone, you can either speak directly with that person and share this post with them OR you can fill out the our online recommendation form and we will contact that person directly on your behalf. Students and professionals of all levels are encouraged to participate: undergraduate students, graduate students, new professionals, mid-level professionals, senior level professionals, and faculty. 

Please see the information below for details about the 2018 APPEX pre-conference session during the NASPA Annual Conference in Philadelphia. 

APPEX is an interactive summit designed to address the professional/leadership development of Asian American/Pacific Islander (API) student affairs professionals in a multi-culturally competent and holistic context. Through in-depth interactions among the participants and facilitators, the 12th annual pre-conference will focus on facilitating a career pipeline for Asian American/Pacific Islander graduate students, new and mid-level professionals by providing tools to guide their pathways and transitions. The program will also address current API issues related to leadership development, intersections of identities, and career growth.

If you are a new graduate student, new professional, or mid-level professional, this pre-conference will serve as a great resource for your continued growth and development. If you know of people who would benefit from this pre-conference, please encourage them to join! 

Sign up at 

Register for pre-conference #25 (PC25) titled “Asian Pacific Islanders Promoting Educational eXcellence (APPEX)”.

For more information about the program, please contact anyone on the APPEX planning committee:

Sue Ann Huang (coordinating presenter), [email protected]
Kristen Wong  (coordinating presenter), [email protected]
Justin Hua , [email protected]
Peter Huu Tran, [email protected]
Susan Huynh, [email protected]
Elaine Tamargo, [email protected]
Tedd Vanadilok, [email protected]
Victoria Yu, [email protected]

Thank you in advance for helping us recruit the 2018 APPEX cohort!

Susan Huynh & Tedd Vanadilok
APPEX Outreach & Marketing Co-Chairs

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