DACA Myth Busters

Marcela Pattinson

January 5, 2018

Washington State University, along with the University of Washington and Everett Community College, have collaborated to support undocumented students. Our main objective is to create, develop, and share solutions on how we can support undocumented communities in Washington State.

By creating best practices, such as myth busting misinformation on DACA--which has been recreated with permission of the Everett Community College’s Office of Diversity and Equity--we are able to provide support for undocumented students and give them knowledge they can use in their future. Many students fear they cannot attend college due to their undocumented status; however, this is a myth along with many others that discourage students desiring higher education.

We have launched a digital campaign in our student union and administration buildings to bring awareness to our undocumented students and campus community about myths about immigration. Each week, we will bust another myth and offer resources on what to do in each scenarios.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask Marcela Pattinson, Undocumented Immigrant and Allies KC Representative Region V

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