Elevate the Voices of those Leading the Field: Call for CCD Award Nominations

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Latrice Owens

May 22, 2017

Friends, professionals, colleagues lend me your ears; I am thrilled to announce that is time to nominate for NASPA’s Community Colleges Division two national awards, the Community Colleges Professional Award and the Community Colleges Research and Scholarship Award. Both esteemed honors are given to individuals who are leaders in the profession of community colleges, promoters of student learning development, and have shown true commitment to NASPA.

Recognizing your peers is an important aspect of our work. Here are the top five reasons to submit a nomination before the deadline of November 1, 2017

  1. Nominating is easy: completing a nomination shouldn’t seem daunting. Any NASPA member can nominate someone for awards, and all you need is a letter of nomination, the resume or vitae of the nominee, and no more than three letters of support.
  2. Continue the legacy: join NASPA and the CCD in the tradition of honoring those who are paving the way for the next generation of student affairs leaders. Past winners have included community college professionals who were making change at both a regional and national level. Your nomination will aid in the advancement, health, and sustainability of our profession.
  3. Be the light: your nomination could be the spark that ignites a vision for a new program or research opportunity. It can give a confidence boost and be a benefiting factor in a community college professional’s life or work. Your impact could have a permanent imprint on the lives of many.
  4. Pay it Forward: life can move at 100 mph especially when you work in higher education. Let’s slow down a bit and take time acknowledge the people who keep us motivated, challenged, and encouraged to do the jobs we love.
  5. Elevate the brand: The CCD’s goal is to increase the visibility and profile (both internally and externally) of community colleges and their professionals across the association. By placing your nomination, you are helping showcase great work, dedication, and innovation many of our colleagues are displaying throughout the year. We should shout from the mountain tops the outstanding contributions that are being made to make community colleges around the world better for all students.

Nominations are due November 1, 2017 and you can submit your nominations via the links at the top of this post.


Latrice Owens ([email protected])
New Professional/Graduate Student Representative
NASPA Community Colleges Division

Latrice Owens Moore serves as the New Professional/Graduate Student Representative on the CCD Board. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and has a passion for helping others. She received her master's in Higher Education Administration from UT San Antonio and currently serves as a First Year Experience Academic Advisor at Eastfield College.

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