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December 7, 2017

The Community Colleges Division has two new volunteer central postings, deadline to apply is February 16, 2018.


NCC Online Coordinator

The NASPA Community Colleges Division seeks to provide a space for community college professionals to connect with one another while providing scholarship, advocacy, and engagement. We provide a venue for discussion, research, and the distribution of information about community colleges.

  • Appointed by and reports directly to the CCD Director
  • Required to meet at least once per month for 60 minutes with fellow board members
  • Responsible for developing a schedule of online live-briefings at least once a quarter (4 per year) focusing on critical issues related to community colleges
  • Responsible for driving the promotion of NCC Online offerings

CCI Director-Elect Description

The Community Colleges Institute (CCI) is a pre-conference workshop that occurs every year the day and a half prior to the annual conference. The CCI is a fantastic space for community college professionals to come together and rethink the ways in which they organize programs of study, methods of instruction, and student support services. 

  • Appointed by and reports to the CCI Director (Board Member Position)
  • Serves a 1-year term as the Director-Elect and then transitions to the Director for another 1-year
  • Leads the creation and development of content for the Institute.

For full descriptions of each role and to apply, log in to volunteer central.

Questions? Contact the Community Colleges Division Director: Dr. Kimberly Lowry, [email protected] or NASPA Staff (Assistant Director for Educational Programs): Jake Frasier, [email protected]

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