Green Resolutions for the new Year

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December 18, 2013

With the new year around the corner it may be a good time for you to consider making a green resolution 2014 list for you and for your campus.  Here are some ideas for your list.

  1.) Green up your work space: Commit  to turning off electronics in your office every night.  Have your whole department do this for maxium impact.

2.) Green up your food: Commit to eating at least one meal a week that is home cooked from fresh, local ingredients.  Work with your dining partners on campus to make sure that you have a food donation program in your dining facility.

3.) Green up your home:   The winter time a is a great time to plan a garden for the Spring.  If you already, have a garden make a pledge to plant more to donate to your campus or to your local food bank.

4.) Green your ride:  Evaluate how you currently get to work each day and make a pledge to reduce your impact.  If you can ride the bus, bike, walk, or car pool, make this pledge.  Better yet, make this pledge with your whole office.

5.) Green your cleaning: Improve your indoor air quality by switching to eco cleaners.  If you work with a facility department work with them to pledge to switch to eco cleaners.

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