Help Region V Reach its NASPA Foundation Goals

Lincoln Johnson

October 2, 2017

With the Western Regional Conference nearly upon us, AND the end of the tax year just a few months away, I wanted to take a few minutes to highlight the NASPA Foundation. 

The NASPA Foundation is all about us…those who work every day to make a difference in the lives of our amazing students and in our respective campus communities.  I contribute monthly to honor those who helped guide me into student development/higher education and honor the students whom I have advised and mentored over the years. I also give in order to build a culture of giving among NASPA Region V members.

If we meet our 2017-18 goals of 75 donors and approximately $10,000 in contributions, NASPA V will receive up to $1000 to support graduate student scholarships!  This is such a great incentive for the region.  During the 2016-17 period, we did extremely well in the number of donors but fell short of our dollar goal.  So whether you are passionate about supporting future student affairs leaders or building knowledge through research, please consider a gift to the Foundation…no matter the size.

Visit the NASPA Foundation website: to contribute.  Please give and come join us as we celebrate this wonderful profession of ours. 

I am so proud to support the NASPA Foundation with my contributions and time, and if you have questions, just let me know.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the November conference. 

L. Lincoln Johnson
NASPA Foundation Ambassador
[email protected]

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