I Came, I Saw, I Changed


Meghan Stough, SAC Co-Director

April 11, 2018

“Dr. Meghan Stough” has always had a nice ring to it, at least until recently. For as long as I can remember I saw myself in scrubs, a white coat, and a shiny stethoscope hanging around my neck. However, I have recently accepted that medical school may not be for me, and I have also accepted that that’s okay. The first plan may not always be the best plan, and as scary as having no plan may be, change is good.

Before I delve further into this somewhat stressful topic, let me give a little bit of background. I came into college as a biology major with my eyes set on medical school, and nothing else really seemed to matter. Fast forward four years and I am now an exercise science major, with a concentration in nutrition, graduating in about 25 days and my eyes are now set on… well, graduation is about the farthest into the future I can see right now. Yes, I am graduating in 25 days and I have no idea what I am doing with my life. *Inhales and exhales deeply* Four years ago, even the slightest doubt of my life plan would have had me broken out in stress hives. Luckily, my life plan hasn’t been the only thing to change.

It isn’t that medical school has been completely taken off the table for me, I have just accepted that as of right now I do not think that that is the lifestyle I wish to pursue. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned a lot of new things about myself. I guess that’s what they call personal growth.

As terrifying as it is to not know what I want to do, it is even more terrifying to go into something I won’t be happy doing for the rest of my life (not that anyone is stuck forever, but that’s a whole other blog topic to explore). It is scary going into the great unknown of life, but it’s comforting to know I’m not the first one, or the last, to do it. I take comfort in knowing that there’s something out there for everyone, I just haven’t found it yet. Which is actually super exciting, who doesn’t like a good adventure??

I am sharing my personal story with everyone because I know that college is an overwhelming time, and hopefully I reach one other human out there that has been feeling all alone in not knowing what they want to do. But hey guess what, you’re not alone! I definitely don’t have any concrete answers for how to find your life path (if you have any, let me know). I do know, however, that college is a time to explore these options! This is in no way me saying to give up on your life-long dreams! High five for knowing what you want to do with your life! If you’re having a rocky time getting there, just remember everyone takes a different route.

If you’re about to graduate like me, don’t fret, you’ve got time! So many people like to say “life is short,” but it’s actually the longest thing you’ll ever do. Start saying yes to new opportunities, you never know where it might lead. And if you’re really struggling to come up with some ideas, just ask a group of little kids; they have the best ideas. Ever heard of a princess astronaut teacher? Me either, but maybe I’ll be the first!

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