Membership Coordinator Update

Alyssa Wendel, Membership Coordinator

June 24, 2019

The IV-West advisory board met last week in Fargo to discuss business but more importantly prepare for our exciting regional conference in Fargo, October 28-30. Discussions came about regarding our members. Without up to date information from you, we cannot serve you at our best. What do I mean by this? Have you changed jobs recently? Moved to a different institution? How about a different state? My next question for you, have you updated your profile lately? Updating your profile regularly allows us to know your institution, professional details, but most importantly your involvement in the knowledge communities, divisions and groups, and journals.

How to update your profile:

  • Log in into your account at
  • Under My NASPA (upper right hand corner), click Edit Profile
  • You can update
    • Personal Details
    • Institution
    • Professional Details
    • Personal Demographic Details
    • Mailing Address/Billing Address
    • Contact Information
    • Social Media Accounts
  • To update your Knowledge Communities, Divisions, and Groups
    • Scroll down to the “NASPA Engagement Details”
    • Scroll down the list of options and pick which KC’s, journals, and groups you’re interested in
    • Save the changes

As membership coordinator, I encourage you to reach out to your state membership coordinators. State membership coordinators work as a link between you and NASPA to create meaningful involvement opportunities for members like you! We do have vacant positions for the following states: Kansas and South Dakota. In our Canadian provinces we have vacancies in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. If you are interested in being more involved with Region IV-West, this is a great opportunity for you!

We’re excited for Fargo in October and hope we can connect with you.

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