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David Adams, NASPA IV-W Foundation Ambassador

March 26, 2018

How many times have you driven in your city or town and noticed a group of people holding a car wash?  These car washes are typically fundraisers and in some places, car wash fundraisers happen every weekend, especially during the summertime.  When deciding whether to visit one of these car wash fundraisers, two options typically come to mind:

  1. The car is dirty and needs to be washed or;
  2.  Motivation to support the people and/or reason for the car wash is suddenly a driving force and therefore, a car wash is needed (even though the car may not necessarily need a wash).

Some people may participate in the car wash with both options in mind, but I tend to believe most people who visit these car wash fundraisers are doing so out of motivation to support the people and/or reason for the car wash.  In addition, I’ve noticed most car wash fundraisers have allowed me to pay for the wash with any amount I felt was sufficient.  This method of payment may have some risk involved, but the people performing the car wash are betting most folks will understand the motivation for the car wash and pay an above average amount.  Allowing people to pay what they feel is sufficient can increase participation as it allows almost all incomes to take part.  

While the NASPA Foundation may not hold car washes, it does promote giving on a consistent basis and attempts to widely communicate why someone should give to the Foundation.  Perhaps you want to support the NUFP scholarship or you want to support a Knowledge Community; you can designate your gift to go toward the Excellence Fund which supports NASPA’s highest priorities, or to something more specific such as the NUFP scholarship or Knowledge Community. In addition, the NASPA Foundation has the following Giving Levels, with the NEW Emerald Club welcoming increased participation:

NEW – Emerald Club: $1,000-$2,999

Diamond Club: $3,000 - $4,999

President’s Circle: $5,000-$7,499

And more…

With the addition of the Emerald Club, if someone donated $17 per month for five years, they would reach Emerald status and be recognized at a NASPA Foundation event.  Giving to the NASPA Foundation is one of the best avenues toward supporting the Student Affairs profession. The $17 monthly donation may not garner a car wash, but will support worthy NASPA programs that advance excellence in our field.  For more information about donating to the NASPA Foundation, Emerald Club or anything related, please visit: or contact David Adams, your Region IV-W Foundation Ambassador at [email protected].  

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