NASPA VI-West Foundation Update: Pillars of the Profession

David Adams and Mary Alice Serafini, Foundation Ambassadors

March 14, 2019

With the anticipated gathering in Los Angeles, NASPA will honor the Pillars of the Profession 2019.  NASPA IV-West is honored to have experienced the fine work of Timothy A. Alvarez, President of Otero Junior College.  Many of us served on his Advisory Board and enjoyed his professional approach to advancing the mission of NASPA through regional undertakings.  It was very apparent that Dr. Alvarez had a wealth of experience and understanding of our profession. He was talented at intense focus on issues at hand and helped us to stay in line with goals of NASPA. He is a man of great service and loves his students.  I remember him inviting the NUFP Fellows and Mentors to his suite, getting to know each student as an individual and talking seriously with them about their future in Student Affairs.  He represented his institution well as he offered each student sound advice on which graduate school to attend.

The NASPA Foundation honors these Pillars of the Profession for their distinction in the higher education field, as defined by donors and supporters.  This means we honor the accomplishments of remarkable individuals like Dr. Alvarez through our donations as a commitment to the future of the profession of Student Affairs.  Dr. Alvarez is not the first Pillar of the Profession from Region IV-West nor will he be the last.  As we gather in March, be sure to congratulate each Pillar and take this time to consider a gift towards the future of NASPA in honor of Dr. Alvarez by clicking here.

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