New Communications Co-Coordinator Welcome

Ajar Siddiqui and Jordan Ahlersmeyer-Huang

April 17, 2018

Hello from your new Communications Co-Coordinators!

In lieu of a blog post this week, we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you and hopefully provide you with a great chance to engage with us and the entire Knowledge Community. A little about who we are:

Jordan (he/him/his) is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and is currently a third-year Resident Director at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. His Student Affairs passions are assessment and international student support. He loves movies, Korean pop, his corgi, and his husband.

Ajar (he/him/his) is from Lexington, Massachusetts and is currently a second year student in the Student Affairs Administration and Higher Education program at Texas A&M. His student affairs experiences include residence life, student activities, and student leadership development. He loves to travel, anything to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and coffee.

We believe our entire KC Leadership is one of the most approachable and supportive groups you could meet on your journey through higher education. Through our role as co-coordinators for communication, we want to be able to showcase everything our KC has to offer and provide you with opportunities to show us who you are as well.

Many of you have reached out to the KC Leadership Team about how to get involved. All of us appreciate your willingness to #MakeYourMark and hope you enjoy your journey with us. If you have not yet reached out, don’t worry! You may be still finding your place in our field or this opportunity is not for you. Both of those options are okay. Just remember our KC is designed to help you with those first steps into the world of Student Affairs, and we offer an open invitation for you to engage.

One of the goals that we have discussed specifically as it relates to our roles is the level of engagement that you wish to see through a variety of outlets. We have our NPGS KC blog that has featured so many talented, knowledgeable professionals over the past few years. We want to continue this work and provide a forum for our members and colleagues can share their own expertise and insight, hopefully providing some life-changing advice in the process. Our social media has been a strong component of our KC, but social media is often only as effective as those who are impacted. With the blog and our social media, we want to hear from all of you about new directions or topics areas that you wish to see. We believe the best way to support those around us is to listen first, and then provide resources and guidance.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about us and our vision this week. If you are interested in writing for our blog, please complete this form - If you are interested in helping with our social media, send us a quick DM or tag us! We look forward to connecting with you all over the next two years.


Ajar and Jordan

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