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Shana Warkentine Meyer, Regional Director

February 10, 2019

Happy Hearts Day, Region IV-W! No matter your relationship status, you’ve got a family in our region, and I’m here to share the love.

In the coming days, we will hear who will be the next Regional Director-Elect. Both of our candidates have shown true leadership, courage, and a desire to serve by announcing their candidacies. Best of luck to Dan Mabery from Northeastern State University and Teresa Clounch from Fort Hays State University. I know we’ll continue to see amazing things from you both for our region! 

With a new RD-Elect, it is time to say goodbye to our Past Regional Director, Jerrid Freeman, Northeastern State University. Way back in 1997, Jerrid received the NASPA IV-West Undergraduate Rising Star award in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’d say the Awards Committee knew what they were doing. Since that time, Jerrid served on the Journal of Student Affairs Research & Practice editorial board for 9 years; has served on numerous committees; mentored undergraduates and professionals throughout the region; and much, much, more.

 In his time as Regional Director, Jerrid focused on increased professional development opportunities for our region, including Critical Conversations. He led our region through many difficult decisions and served as a key advocate for IV-West at the national level. While he will be missed in the Past-RD role, Jerrid’s work with the board is not yet complete, as he has accepted a position as a Foundation Ambassador. Thank you for your service, passion, and for being an important part of IV-W, Jerrid!

Just like Dan, Teresa, and Jerrid, we all have our IV-West, Student Affairs, & NASPA stories. As we celebrate 100 years of NASPA, you can share photos, reflections, videos and more to help fill out the NASPA family tree. Let’s see how far those branches extend! You can learn more here:

We hope to see you in Los Angeles next month at the national convention. More details to come, as there will be many opportunities to connect with your IV-W region. You are always invited and welcome!

With IV-West Pride,

Shana Meyer

NASPA IV-W Regional Director

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