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Shana Meyer, NASPA IV-W Regional Director

March 23, 2018

March flew by like a nor’easter! Many of us had the fantastic opportunity to experience high winds, snow, education, inspiration and friendships in Philadelphia at the NASPA annual conference this past month. Since returning to campus, I’ve tried to settle back into the campus groove-AND my new role as your Regional Director!

Looking ahead to this amazing opportunity has me also reflecting on the past and those who took a chance on me--mentoring, guiding and assisting until I found my place in the field.  I’m sure many of you have similar stories of colleagues, mentors, and journeys along the way. My Association memberships have been key to the development of those connections; it is my hope that we can continue the progress made by your Past Regional Director, Jerrid Freeman. Thank you, Jerrid, for your tireless efforts in the role of RD, and thank you, Jessica Langston, for the support you provided over the past two years. We have continually achieved and grown under your leadership!

So what can you expect in the next few years? First, I bring along with me Jessica Frogge, as our Assistant to the Regional Director. You will find that Jessica is fun-loving, passionate about higher education and serving students, and tireless in her pursuits. She’s a great addition to our team! 

As for me, I value preparation & professionalism. Yet as you get to know me, you’ll probably realize I’m more like a duck than a calm, cool, collected professional….you know, smoothly gliding across the top of the water—but madly paddling under the surface. I appreciate history & context—I’m the consummate 3 year old, asking “why.”  I hope to show appreciation to all of our members, for your volunteerism and the value that your expertise adds to our Region.  (Make no mistake that OUR MEMBERS are our Regional experts)!  And finally, I do love me some puns, mom jokes (dads can’t have all the great one-liners), after hours entertainment, and a sense of FUN. 

There are many strong leaders within NASPA IV-West who I will count on to continue the excellent work of our Region, and who will assist and challenge me as we work together.  I am humbled and honored to have this opportunity to serve, and I look forward to working with you all.

In future blogs, I’ll share more information about some of our upcoming & continuing initiatives:

  • Connections, such as the Regional SERVE Academy and leadership pipelines
  • Professional Development, linking the professional standards with programs, outcomes, and skill development
  • Orientation and development of our Regional Board
  • Evolving and draftingthe Regional Strategic Plan, tying it to the new NASPA strategic plan as it is developed
  • And much, much more!

​Are there additional initiatives you feel we should explore? Please reach out & let me know how we can be helpful to you and what you’d like to see from your Regional Association. 

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