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Shana Warkentine Meyer, Regional Director

April 6, 2019

Hello, Region IV-West!

Last month, the IV-W Regional Board and the NASPA Board of Directors met in Los Angeles prior to the annual conference. Below are some of the big updates from those meetings and the conference.

IV-W Regional Board: Conference Rates

Rates were set for the fall 2019 Region IV-W conference, to be held October 28-30 in Fargo, North Dakota. These days are a shift from our typical IV-W conference days to account for Halloween falling on a Thursday. The approved rates are: $270 regular rate & 125 for the grad rate. We were also able to lock down an incredible hotel rate of $99 / night! It’s been about 15 years since we’ve been in Fargo, ND—I’m looking forward to our theme of “Forward Thinking, Forward Leaning!”

IV-W Presenters

I am proud to announce that 58 presentations were shared by members of our region, many of which had multiple presenters. Congratulations to those who shared their knowledge in constituent group sponsored sessions, general interest sessions, poster sessions, pre-conference workshops, SA Speaks, and Scholarly Paper Sessions.

NASPA Board of Directors: Global Division

The NASPA Board of Directors approved a new Global Division for the Association, and appointed William Young, Director of Student Life from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, Chile, as the new Global Division Director. NASPA’s Global Advisory Board and William Young will meet to determine next steps to evolve the current composition of the Global Advisory Board into the new Global Division.

NASPA will continue to work as a global organization, collaborating with established student affairs associations and individual members around the world to evolve each area, as appropriate.  The Board also approved the proposed NASPA Areas that were originally designated by the Internationalization Task Force report in 2015. There will be seven areas, to include Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, MENASA (Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia), North America, and Oceania Areas. Discussions will be scheduled with the Global Division, the current NASPA Regions, and members in the Canadian Provinces that are currently located in the U.S.-based Regions to determine next steps with these areas.

NASPA Board of Directors: 2019 – 2024 NASPA Strategic Plan

The NASPA Board of Directors worked diligently this last fall and engaged members through regions, divisions, and groups to provide feedback on organizational goals. Board Chair Penny Rue revealed the NASPA Strategic Plan at the opening session of the Annual Conference. Region IV-W will work to create tactics under the Goals and Objectives of the Association-wide strategic plan. Please let us know if there are tactics that would benefit you, your students, or your institution. This work will be a key initiative at our summer regional board meeting! All divisions and groups will report on their new tactics for the July NASPA Board of Directors meeting.

We’re working hard for you! We want to know how NASPA & Region IV-W can best serve you. As always, please feel free to reach out! I’d love to hear your needs, topics you’d like more information on, and how the region can help.

Until next time,

Shana Warkentine Meyer

NASPA IV-W Regional Director

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