Parent and Family Relations KC Chair or Co-Chair Position

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Meaghan Miller Thul, Region IV-E PFRKC Representative

October 19, 2017

Calling NASPA parent and family supporters!  The Parent & Family Relations Knowledge Community is due for a new chair or co-chair.  In the past few years, the KC has at times been led by a chair and other times a co-chair arrangement.  The individuals participating in the KC range from those who work full-time with parents and family members of students, to those who have this work as a part of their portfolio, to those who are just interested in the work of supporting families.  Our new KC leadership could fall into any of those categories!

As a member of the KC leadership team, I have enjoyed the benefit of great leaders.  Two characteristics that come to mind as key are enthusiasm for the population we work to serve and a generous and confident attitude toward leading a volunteer team.  But, as we work to find a new KC leader, I thought it might helpful to learn a bit from our current KC chair, Alex Brown.  

What has been the most fun aspect of being PFRKC Chair?

Getting to know and talk to other NASPA professionals.  Knowing others better makes a positive difference when you head to a conference or meeting….you look forward to seeing people, having dinner, bouncing ideas off them.  It has been a great way to gain perspective, learn best practices from others and build a community of people to support you as a professional.  

Have there been professional development benefits?  

Yes!  Understanding how different universities support families has been invaluable.  I have really benefitted from gaining a greater understanding of parent and family engagement and the unique ways institutions support families and students by extension of this work.  

This knowledge has changed how I do my work on a daily basis.  It all goes back to supporting students and how we can do that through supporting families.  

Was there anything that surprised you?

The NASPA staff and organization does a really great job of guiding volunteers in what they need, when they need it and how best to get work done.  It really wasn’t surprising, but it was exceptionally helpful.  

Alex and I talked a bit about the kinds of folks who would be a great fit for this role.  We agree that professionals who work with families as simply a part of their portfolio could add a great, creative perspective.  People shouldn’t hesitate if they are not 100% parent and family professionals.  According to Alex, the chair or co-chair role is a really wonderful opportunity to work with others, build a portfolio, and be a national leader in higher education.  Join us as a leader of this important KC!

Now to the business end of the process:

Submission Requirements

·       Nominee(s) name, NASPA Member ID, title, institution, mobile phone number, and email address.

·       Professional headshot

·       Current resume or C.V. devoid of personal information and references

·       Candidate statement (500-700 words, MS word format) that clearly and concisely articulates the nominee's philosophy, purpose, and/or goals.

What is Required to be a KC Chair/Co-Chair candidate?

1.      Regional and/or national visibility in the Knowledge Community

2.      Participation in the KC at the regional and/national level

3.      Other contributions to the profession that relate to the mission of the KC

4.      Must be an active NASPA member.

Election Timeline

·       November 1: Election nomination materials due from KC Election Nominations Committees to Stephanie Reynolds

·       December: Ballot to be reviewed by nominated individuals

·       December: January- Edits to ballots due for nominees to NASPA

·       January: Election opens

The KC Chair is elected for a three-year term: one year (March 2018- March 2019) as KC Chair/Co-Chair elect and two years (March 2019-March 2021) as KC Chair/Co-Chair.

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