NPGS KC Reflections and Highlights (2016-2018)

Dustin K. Grabsch and Sharee L. Myricks

February 26, 2018

Hello New Professionals, Graduate Students, and NASPA Colleagues –

As outgoing co-chairs, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the work we have engaged in over the course of the 2016 – 2018 term. The work we have been able to accomplish along with our Knowledge Community Leadership Team is without a doubt outstanding.

The #TalkNPGSTuesdays initiative, membership analysis project, three research projects, social justice professional development course, regional book clubs/socials/conference involvement/Critical Conversations series/leadership team installments, expansion of the Consortium, robust cohorts for the Pre-Conference, and great marketing tools...just to name a few have make our term stand out through meaningful and intentional service.

We hope you take a moment to review some of the highlights we collated for you below.

Plus, if you have a moment, please send an email of thanks to the members of the outgoing leadership team. They certainly deserve your accolades and praise.

In service and with gratitude –

Sharee L. Myricks, Outgoing Co-Chair, New Professionals and Graduate Students KC

Dustin K. Grabsch, Outgoing Co-Chair, New Professionals and Graduate Students KC


NASPA NOW Professional Recognition Established

  • Partnership between NPGS and the NASPA Central Office
  • Recognizes the impact that new professionals and graduate students have upon the student affairs profession
  • 25 participants were selected as winners in categories aligned with the NASPA Pillars, Integrity, Inclusion, Innovation, and Inquiry, as well as a fifth category of Impact
  • Over 70 applications were received in this first year
  • Presentation of pins and certificates to be distributed at Annual Conference
  • Special thanks to Nathan Victoria, Senior Director for Membership Engagement and Student Initiatives for his partnership

#TalkNPGSTuesday Weekly Blog Posts

NPGS Annual Conference Consortium

March 3rd, 2018 – March 7th, 2018 ◊ Varies, Philadelphia, PA

  • Sponsoring the seventh annual NPGS Conference Consortium at the 2018 NASPA Annual Conference
  • Expanding to two tracks due to popularity
  • 15 NASPA members are selected for one of two tracks
  • Track 1: Millennial Motivators
    • Co-Chairs: Jasmine Prince and Julia Qian
    • Appropriate for Master's level graduate students or new professionals with less than three years of full-time professional experience
    • This track is designed for graduate students and new professionals who are eager to unpack the myths of millennials in the workplace and working with millennial students.
  • Track 2: Embracing the Scholar-Practitioner
    • Co-Chairs: Bryan Hubain and Berenice Sanchez
    • Appropriate for Doctoral level graduate students, new professionals with three or more years of full-time professional experience, or those thinking about pursuing doctoral work in the near future
    • Engage in rich discussions about scholarship in the field, how that scholarship impacts student affairs practice, and how we can contribute to the field through doctoral work

Infusing Social Justice into Your New Professional Role

Launched July 31st, 2017, NASPA Online Learning Community Course

  • Partnership with the Multi-Racial KC and the Gender and Sexuality KC
  • Goal during this course is to build upon NAPSA and ACPA’s Competency of Social Justice & Inclusion, Leadership, and Personal and Ethical Foundations
  • As of August, over 95 NASPA Members had registered for the online course

Research Interest Groups

  • Partnership with NPGS Knowledge Coordinator Jayme Scalley and SAPAA KC
  • Over 60 professional signed-up with interest in conducting research
  • Parings and groupings were formed based on research interests
  • Contact information was shared with pairing and small groups
  • Guidance was offered by members of the KC Knowledge Coordinator

Article Published Featuring NPGS Research Team Work

  • In August 2017, JSARP published Factors Influencing Student Affairs Professionals’ Attainment of Professional Competencies which featured a study conducted by the NPGS Research Team
  • Two additional manuscripts are currently in review at peer-reviewed journals from the same NPGS Research Study

Strategic Plan Update

  • NPGS established the #AddValue Platform as a two year strategic plan commitment from 2016 – 2017
  • At the 2017 Annual Conference, the LT provided a progress update to the community highlighting successes and shortcomings
  • A similar progress update will be shared with membership following the NASPA Annual Conference
  • Incoming leadership for the NPGS LT have developed a similar strategic plan under the hashtag #MakeYourMark (information on how to get involved in the 2018-2020 term is forthcoming)
  • Elements of these plans are being combined to form a longer-ranged strategic plan

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