Raúl Fernández, Region IV-E Coordinator, welcomes you to NUFP!

naspa undergraduate fellows program

Raúl R. Fernández

September 7, 2017


Congratulations on your acceptance to the NASPA Undergraduate Fellow Program (NUFP)! You are now part of an experience that will impact your life and your future. You join a family of undergraduates across the country exploring the field of student affairs as well as the many opportunities afforded to you by NUFP. On behalf of NASPA and Region IV-E, I would like to welcome you to a rewarding and insightful experience through NUFP.

My name is Raul Fernandez and I am lucky to serve as the NUFP Regional Coordinator for the NASPA Region IV-East. In this position, my hope is to be able to connect you all with opportunities that will enrich your journey to discovering whether student affairs is for you or not. NUFP has a lot of different opportunities for you to discuss the career opportunities within Student Affairs, learn more about issues that are affecting our students, and learn more about yourself. I know that I have learned a lot during my time as a NUFP and I strongly believe you will too.

Please remember that your commitment to NUFP includes a significant amount of time including time with your mentor, reading, projects, discussions and interviews with other student affairs professionals. Your NUFP experience will be defined by your commitment to meet regularly with your mentor, to explore the NUFP learning outcomes, and to take charge in molding your experience. My advice to you is to embrace this experience. Embrace the opportunity to learn from your mentor about their journey within student affairs and the other areas within student affairs. Take advantage of the different opportunities that are offered for NUFPs like the summer internship program and/or the Dungy Leadership Institute. Finally, build your network and meet other NUFPs from different campuses. I know that I was able to build a community that I continue to utilize as a professional.

The quality of your NUFP experience will be a reflection of the priority that you give to NUFP. You will be amazed at what awaits you both professionally and personally through this experience.

Congratulations and Welcome to the NUFP Family!


Raúl R. Fernández
NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program | Regions IV-East Coordinator
Coordinator for First-Year Programs and Campus Life
Illinois Institute of Technology

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