Region IV-W Graduate Student Spotlight: Doralynn Mellinger

Patrick Bussiere, Graduate Student Representative

September 1, 2019

Doralynn Mellinger (she/her/hers)

Hometown: McPherson, Kansas

Graduate Institution: Fort Hays State University

Degree Currently Obtaining: M.S. in Education with Emphasis in Higher Education-Student Affairs (HESA)

Undergraduate Institution: Washburn University

Why did you choose FHSU: I worked as a Resident Assistant (RA) in undergrad and absolutely loved helping students. While working as an RA I realized that I could actually continue working in student affairs as a career.

Why did you choose to go to graduate school: Since most of my experience was in housing, I wanted to stay in housing during graduate school. I interviewed with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) at the Oshkosh Placement Exchange (OPE) and really enjoyed the conversation I had with the people who interviewed me. I was also interested in FHSU because the program here offers many opportunities to gain experience in other areas of student affairs, which you may not get at a larger university.

What area(s) of Student Affairs interest you the most and why: My undergraduate degree is in nursing so my end goal is to find something that combines both student affairs and nursing. The first area that interests me is academic advising for a nursing school or health related. The second area that I am interested in is health and wellness education.

What is a memorable moment of working at your current institution: Through FHSU I was able to attend three conferences my first year, one of which was the 2019 NASPA Annual Conference in L.A.

What is the best recognition that you have received: I was voted best new RA, my first year as an RA.

What advice would you give to current undergraduate students looking into graduate school: Be open to options. Be open to going to new places or a new area within student affairs.

What has NASPA meant to you: NASPA is a great way to learn information related to student affairs through NASPA conferences and publications. NASPA also offers many ways to connect to other professionals.

Social Media: Instagram - @dorajan25


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