April 12, 2017

Joe Sabado is the Associate Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Student Affairs and the Executive Director for Student Information Systems and Technology (SIS&T) at UC Santa Barbara, his alma mater. Joe is a member of the UCSB Student Affairs Executive Group. He is also the NASPA Technology Knowledge Committee (TKC) Chair for 2017-2019 and a member of the API KC.  Joe describes himself as a student affairs professional who advocates for and serves students as a technologist, educator, mentor to staff and students, and student organization advisor. He received his BA in Political Science with minor in Asian American Studies and an MBA with emphasis in Information Technology Management at Capella University.

As the Associate CIO/Exec Director of SIS&T, leads a team serving the information technology needs of the Enrollment Services (Registrar, Financial Aid, Admissions), 22 student services, and the Graduate Division. As the TKC Chair, he seeks to promote the discussion of technology within student affairs and higher education to be more inclusive and more diverse. In addition, he also presents on digital reputation and effective use of social media and is active on social media, including a blog –

In addition to his tech leadership roles, Joe continually seek to find ways to serve students including the following roles as:

-          NASPA Undergraduate Fellowship Program mentor

-          Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund mentor

-          National Society of Leadership and Success advisor

-          UCSB Kapatirang Pilipino and Pilipino Cultural Night advisor

He has also served as First Year Experience (FYE) teaching assistant for Freshmen/Transfer courses, EOP Summer Transition Enrichment Program (STEP) discussion leader. Joe enjoys making connections with other APIDA folks in higher education and has found API KC as a community he feels he belongs. 

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