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Andrea Greer, Conference Committee

May 31, 2019

The NASPA Region IV-W Conference Committee invites you to join us in FARGO, ND as a presenter! This year’s conference theme is "Forward Thinking and Forward Leading". The 2019 Region IV-West Conference will allow us time to come together to think about – AND CREATE - the future of our profession. Having just concluded the yearlong celebration of NASPA’s 100th Anniversary, we will now look to the future and consider what the next 5-10 or even 100 years might look like for higher education, student affairs, and student life. This year presenters have their choice of 4 different sessions including:

  1. SA Talks (15-minutes): This "TED" Talk-type session focuses on topics relating to the broad scope of Student Affairs. Each presentation will inspire and encourage professionals through research, assessment, best practices, etc. This is a great opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students to share from their Student Affairs programs.
  2. Program Session (50-minutes): This session can include general interest, research, or roundtable discussions focusing on the conference theme.
  3. Deep Dives (75-minutes): This session allows presenters to go more in depth on a particular issue/topic that is of significant importance.
  4. Pre-Conference Session (3 hours): We would like to offer several pre-conference sessions.  These are learning sessions that allow participants the opportunity to engage in a topic for an extended period of time prior to the official start of the NASPA IV-W Conference.

Submission deadline has been extended until June 21st. For more information check out the NASPA IV-West conference website: or you can contact Carla Stein: [email protected] or Andrea Greer: [email protected]

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