Supra et Ultra Award

Bob Heckrote, Supra et Ultra Award Liaison

September 26, 2017

Please consider nominating an outstanding colleague of yours for this year’s Supra et Ultra Award. The award is for an individual who has gone above and beyond their vocation as a military advocate to help or teach others and volunteered their time to make their profession or professional organization better.

The NASPA VKC Supra et Ultra Award is reserved for a member who has gone above and beyond in their service to NASPA VKC and military-connect students throughout the country, and for whom the Supra et Ultra Award Selection Committee feel additional accolades are in order to recognize this professional’s passion and dedication. The award’s conference on an individual relies on review and approval by the Supra et Ultra Award Selection Committee, and is a special honor which may be bestowed upon a deserving member. This award will be presented every year at the NASPA Symposium on Military-Connected Students; it relies on the fact that an individual is nominated by a current NASPA member and that this individual is determined to be worthy by the Supra et Ultra Award Selection Committee.

If someone you know always goes well out of their way to support our military students, then please reach out to Bob Heckrote, at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania - [email protected] in order to nominate them.

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