Why I Give: Kassey Steele

Kassey Steele, Website Coordinator

November 12, 2018

As we approach the NASPA Annual Day of Giving on November 27, our NASPA Region VI-West colleagues reflect on their journey and commitment to NASPA through giving to the NASPA Foundation.  These NASPA members are making it real for other members to consider their opportunities to give and support NASPA initiatives that make a difference.

WHY I GIVE: Featuring Kassey Steele, Director, Student Life at Tulsa Community College

NASPA has been a part of my professional journey for 5 years, beginning when I was a job-seeking graduate student. Although my journey began for job-seeking resources, it quickly transformed post-grad. NASPA creates networking opportunities and professional development that challenges and sharpens me as a professional. I love that at any time, I have a community of professionals that I can vent to, get sound advice and have infinite resources at my fingertips.  

Giving was always something I planned to do but honestly, I wasn’t a consistent giver until the last year. Although I gave here and there, it wasn’t until I heard about the emerald club from our regional ambassadors that I realized consistent giving could be a reality. I love that I can make an annual or monthly gift that fits into my budget. In addition, I was able to dictate different percentages of my giving to areas of NASPA I’m most passionate about. Often giving can seem overwhelming and very personal, I’m thankful that NASPA created ways to make this achievable for all professionals. NASPA continually invests in me personally and professionally, I feel honored to give back to an organization who continues to contribute so much to the higher education profession.

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