NASPA South Carolina

Region III

NASPA South Carolina represents NASPA members and institutions in the Palmetto State in support of NASPA Region III and NASPA National. NASPA South Carolina is focused on fostering a statewide network of student affairs professionals to support each other in our efforts to impact students and enhance higher education.  NASPA South Carolina is committed to providing professional development, volunteer opportunities, resources and recognition.

Welcome from State Director

On behalf of the NASPA South Carolina (NASPA SC) Advisory Board I would like to welcome you to our website. We are focused on strengthening the connections among the Palmetto state NASPA membership and supporting professional growth for members. Through our efforts to engage members, we look forward to seeing an increase in individual and institutional members. We are committed to developing our relationship with our partner state level professional associations as well. Four years ago, I was asked the question, “How will you give back to the profession?” and my answer among other things was to volunteer to serve NASPA members. Four years later and I am still in service to our Association and its members. If you would like to know more about how to get involved with NASPA on the national, regional or state level, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our board.

Drive-In Conference

Join us for the 2nd annual NASPA-SC Drive-In Conference! Student affairs educators from across the state and the neighboring states are encouraged to spend the day discussing how to re-focus in 2020 and direct our work as we head into a new decade. NASPA and non-NASPA members are encouraged to attend this engaging day-long conference.

NASPA and non-NASPA members from South Carolina and neighboring states we welcome to join us! There is one flat registration rate this year, regardless of membership! 

State Advisory Board

The South Carolina Board oversees the various activities of the state. We meet monthly to organize events, develop member engagement experiences and strengthen the higher education community within the state.

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Graduate Programs

South Carolina offers multiple graduate prepartion programs for aspiring Higher Education and Student Affairs professionals. Our univeristies also provide options for professionals seeking a terminal degree to further enhance their experience as student affairs practitioners or transition to faculty. 

Clemson University: Master and Doctoral Programs

M.Ed. in Student Affairs

The Master of Education in Student Affairs program provides students with a transformative learning experience founded on theory-to-practice. In producing practitioner-scholars, the faculty combine in-class learning with graduate assistantships / full-time employment enhanced with practicum and internship experiences. The programs strong network of alumni help foster connections across the field and in and beyond the region. Students leave with the skills they need to successfully support students with strong collaboration, leadership, and communication skills based in theory and ethical practice. Learn More

Ph.D in Educational Leadership

Clemson’s Ph.D. program in educational leadership in higher education focuses on developing professionals’ knowledge and research abilities in this applied multi- and interdisciplinary field. Because many of the higher education Ph.D. students in this field remain connected to their professional roles, this program is paced to accommodate each student’s timeframe while ensuring steady progress to degree completion. Learn More

Coastal Carolina University: Doctoral Program

Ph.D in Education

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Education is an advanced graduate program in the Spadoni College of Education. This program will involve students in developing the breadth and depth of understandings, skills, and dispositions through study in one of three specialization areas (Educational Leadership, Higher Education Administration, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment). In addition, Ph.D. candidates will become well versed in the foundations of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research. The curricula will also involve the selection of cognate and elective courses, and completion of dissertation hours. Identified courses in both the specialization and cognate areas may be co-taught to interrelate key conceptual understandings. Learn More

Columbia College: Master Programs

M. Ed. in Higher Education Administration

Columbia College designed the curriculum for the M. Ed. in Higher Education to impart the essential knowledge necessary for professional advancement through a variety of administrative positions and departments. The program focuses on a global view of higher education. Students gain knowledge in governance, organization of higher education, leadership, student affairs, enrollment management, finance, critical issues facing higher education, and the law. The breadth of courses equips students to be competent, confident leaders across many departments at the institution. Learn More

The Citadel: Master Programs

M.Ed. in Student Affairs & College Counseling

The Master of Education in Counselor Education program in Student Affairs & College Counseling is designed for adults who are already working in or want to enter institutions of higher education. Students who successfully complete the program will obtain a graduate degree in counselor education: student affairs and college counseling. Learn More

M.Ed Higher Education Leadership (Online)

The Master of Education in Higher Education Leadership degree features a 36-hour program of study designed to prepare professionals for leadership roles in post-secondary educational settings, including four-year colleges and universities, community and technical colleges, and related educational organizations. The program provides a broad preparation in higher education leadership, including specialized coursework in higher education organization and governance, student affairs, finance, and strategic planning. Learn More


University of South Carolina - Columbia: Master and Doctoral Program

M.Ed. in Higher Education & Student Affairs

The Master’s Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs (HESA) combines a rigorous program of study with opportunities for in-depth practical experience suited to dedicated individuals seeking professional careers in higher education administration and the administration of college student services and activities. Learn More

Ph.D in Higher Education Administration

The Ph.D. Degree in Higher Education Administration is designed to prepare professional academic leaders in colleges and universities whose practical knowledge is enhanced by inquiry and scholarship. Students engage in a range of academic coursework to prepare them to assume advanced leadership positions, including coursework in the history, philosophy, financial, legal, and governance aspects of higher education. Learn More

Conferences and Events

NASPA offers a variety of national conferences and institutes to support your growth as a student affairs professional. Additionally, regional and state specific events are available to support you in establishing a connection with colleagues in closer proximity to you. We encourage you to consider these conferences and events as you develop your professional development plans.