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8 Keys to Improve and Overhaul Your Hiring Process

Supporting the Profession Administrators in Graduate and Professional Student Services
Shaun Crisler

Last year over 10,000 on-site interviews took place at the Placement Exchange. The job postings ranged from Residence Hall Director to Vice President. At higheredjobs.com, you can expect to see over 30,000 job posts from more than 2,000 institutions. When was the last time you researched “the competition” and reviewed recent hiring trends in our profession or assessed your current practices? 

With more professionals turning to job postings with the hopes of a change in career trajectory, a promotion, or a chance to spread their wings you have to be ready. Your recruitment process has to be strategic, inclusive, competitive and flexible in today’s job market. 

This live briefing focuses on how to create a compelling brand that attracts candidates, improving the assessment of candidates, getting the most out of your interviews, ways to create an inclusive experience and how the approach cost management and assessment.

Learning Outcomes

Through this live briefing, participants will:

  • gain insight in some of the trends that attract the best people;
  • be able to identify workplace factors that affect hiring and retention; 
  • be able to identify assessment points within their current recruitment practices; and
  • be able to develop an action plan to improve or overhaul their recruitment process.
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On Demand

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