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CORE Evaluation Technical Assistance Package by Culture of Respect

CORE Evaluation Technical Assistance Package

Health, Safety, and Well-being Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention, Education, and Response AVP or "Number Two" Senior Level VP for Student Affairs

The CORE Evaluation Technical Assistance Package provides institutions with ad hoc assistance as they complete the CORE Evaluation. The CORE Evaluation is a comprehensive self-assessment survey that allows institutions of higher education to inventory their efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence. The questions are organized around the six pillars of the CORE Blueprint, promoting institutional leaders to look at policies, programs, and procedures in each area. Following the completion of the CORE Evaluation, institutions will receive a customized report with quantitative scoring for each Pillar, an overall aggregate score, qualitative feedback from Culture of Respect staff identifying strengths and opportunities for growth within your institution’s approach, and a checklist that compares how responses match up to practices recommended by expert voices in the field. 

What is included within the CORE Evaluation Technical Assistance Package? 

  • One hour of consultation prior to the administration of the CORE Evaluation.

  • Facilitation of the most updated CORE Evaluation.

  • A copy of institutions’ raw CORE Evaluation responses along with a scoring breakdown.

  • A customized institutional report.

  • Two hours of technical assistance following the administration of the CORE Evaluation.

  • One copy of the Culture of Respect CORE Blueprint 3rd edition.

  • A $100 discount off of individual Culture of Respect Foundations purchase.


Institutional Members: $2,500; Non-members: $3,000
Course Type
On Demand