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Culture of Respect: Ending Campus Sexual Violence, a NASPA Initiative

Don't Just Commit to Compliance, Commit to a Culture of Respect

Health, Safety, and Well-being AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level Senior Level VP for Student Affairs
June 17, 2020   |  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Allison Tombros Korman Jennifer E. Henkle

The new Title IX rule from the Department of Education is a "floor" when it comes to addressing sexual violence. But how can colleges and universities reach for the "ceiling"?

Join Culture of Respect for this recorded briefing as we unpack this critical question. We will discuss how institutions can move far beyond this new rule in their efforts to end sexual violence; how recent events like COVID-19 and the movement for racial justice impact and intersect with this work; and learn more about the Culture of Respect Collective, an ambitious two-year program that brings together institutions of higher education who are dedicated to ending campus sexual violence and guides them through a rigorous process of self-assessment and targeted organizational change.

Presented by Allison Tombros Korman, senior director of Culture of Respect, and Jennifer E. Henkle, program manager of the Culture of Respect Collective.

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