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Engaging Family Members to Support Students

Supporting the Profession Parent and Family Relations
Alison Leach Hughes

For many in student affairs that do not regularly work with parents and family members, it can be difficult to navigate familial involvement in the collegiate experience. Join us as we explore “today’s family” and learn how you can engage with family members to enhance and appropriately support the student experience for success. This webinar will utilize trends and best practices, as well as an opportunity for open discussion. 

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • have a better understanding of how to engage family members within their areas 
  • have data and positive practices to better inform their work with parents and families
  • be able to identify potential partnerships that can benefit family members and their areas on their campuses
  • be able to define and utilize alternative terminology to reframe the conversation of familial involvement
  • be able to create an engagement plan targeted towards parents and family members
Course Length
Course Type
On Demand

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