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Examining the Connection Between Student Affairs Work and Racial Justice: Supporting Student Affairs

Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Division AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level
Lori Patton Davis Chayla Haynes Davison

Recent incidents of racially-charged violence and discrimination continue to flood our news feeds, prompting student affairs educators to watch and ask WHY such acts occur. As some of us ask WHY, others are anticipating WHEN the next incident will happen and what should we be doing to be raise our level of consciousness and to be proactive. The sociopolitical context shaping higher education requires all of us to engage questions of HOW we as student affairs educators address racial injustice on campus and HOW do these strategies inform efforts to address intersectional subordination at the nexus of white supremacy, heterocispatriarchy, and nativism.

Join facilitators Dr. Lori Patton Davis and Dr. Chayla Haynes Davison for this presentation intended to provoke thoughtful dialogue about the following:

  • What are the enduring forms of racism and white supremacy that undermine efforts to advance racial justice in higher education and student affairs?
  • How can we better train and support student affairs educators who dare and desire to engage their work critically?
  • What can student affairs educators learn from student resistance movements of the past and present to address racially charged violence and forge deeper and lasting coalitions among students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders?  
Course Length
60 minutes
Course Type
On Demand

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