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Managing all Constituents: Supervisors, Senior Leaders, and Supervisees

Ellen Neufeldt
This session is free for NASPA members through May 17, 2019.

Managing up, down, and all around is essential for all student affairs professionals; during this session we will examine the role of managing up and effective supervision practices. This webinar is intended to help student affairs professionals understand management best practices and ways you can lead from where you are in your organization. If you're interested in maximizing your organizational presence, gaining authority and autonomy, and want to put your best foot forward, you will want to listen in! Effective management tips will be shared from several vice presidents. Each participant will be able to explore how these topics relate to their current role.

Learning Objectives

By participating in this session, participants will be able to:

  • discuss Bolman & Deal’s four frames (Structural, Human Resource, Political, and Symbolic) of leadership;
  • identify key competencies for managing up; and
  • create management strategies to use in their workplace.
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