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Student Success Starter Pack

Student Success Mid-Level New Professional

Student success, including persistence and completion, is often seen as the ultimate measure and reward for student affairs practitioners. These resources help you design programs to support all students as they strive to reach their goals.

This bundled starter pack will give you access to a great selection of sessions designed to help you reach your students. See below to read more about the individual sessions included.

Members: $199 Others: $249
Course Length
8.5 hours
Course Type
On Demand

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Included Presentations

12 Touchpoints in 12 Months: Interventions that Make a Difference for At-Risk Students

Students in Northern Virginia Community College’s Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program receive targeted interventions throughout their senior year in high school through community college and continuing at the university level. Through holistic and intrusive advising, Pathway’s underserved student population outperforms the general College as well as national community college benchmarks. The session will focus on twelve touchpoints students experience from January senior year of high school through to second semester of college, along with strategies for replicating these touchpoints at other institutions.

CUNY LEADS & Project REACH - Preparing Students with Disabilities for Successful Career Outcomes

CUNY LEADS (Linking Employment, Academics & Disability Services) is a unique program that prepares students with disabilities for realistic, successful employment outcomes by engaging them with LEADS advisors and activities as soon as they start college. Additionally, Project REACH (Resources and Education on Autism as CUNY’s Hallmark) has been developed to promote the successful and full participation of students on the autistic spectrum at the university. These highly successful program models, data, and case studies are presented demonstrating how participating students achieve successful career outcomes.

Engaging Family Members to Support Students

For many in student affairs that do not regularly work with parents and family members, it can be difficult to navigate familial involvement in the collegiate experience. Join us as we explore “today’s family” and learn how you can engage with family members to enhance and appropriately support the student experience for success. This webinar will utilize trends and best practices, as well as an opportunity for open discussion.

Homelessness and Foster Care Students on Campus - What Can We Do?

Facilitators will discuss campus-based and statewide approaches to serving students who have experienced homelessness and/or foster care. The focus will center on services provided to individual students in need and collaborative efforts with other service providers, state agencies, and post-secondary institutions. Participants will learn about specific challenges faced by students, various approaches and practices that serve students (often referred to as a subgroup of "disconnected youth"), and a broad perspective in developing systemic efforts to support these subgroups as they transition into post-secondary education.

How to Help Military & Veteran Families

Join the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University and the NASPA Veterans Knowledge Community to learn more about supporting the success of military-connected students on your campus.

Practical Solutions: How one Community College Improved the Student Experience

Faced with the daunting challenges presented by the completion agenda, Cuyahoga Community College-Metropolitan Campus created a laser-focused method to increase student success by utilizing a systems design approach to building a campus plan. The redesign of the student experience has increased student engagement, retention and the college’s overall graduation rate. This workshop will examine the top issues faced by students and how you can take no cost solutions back to your campus today.

Student-Athlete Mental Health: Identified Trends and Best Practices for Campus Support

Student-athlete mental health is an emerging topic due to the unique challenges associated with competitive sport factors, personal identity development, and generalized college student behaviors. In addition, the allocation of campus resources often require collaboration across support areas to best assist both student-athlete and general college student interventions. This live briefing focuses on current trends across student-athlete mental health and provides an opportunity for discussion with topical experts regarding resources and best practices in the field.

Accessing the Starter Pack Sessions

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Once you complete your registration, you will be able to find the starter pack listed under "My Online Events" in your NASPA Engagement Portal. Use the button below to be brought there directly.

By clicking into each sessions' materials, you will find the session recording, resources, and PowerPoint slides. You may view the materials as many times as you'd like, at whatever pace you would like.

If you have any difficulty accessing the materials, please contact NASPA Online Professional Development ([email protected]).

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