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Task Forces: A Model for Collaborating to End Sexual Violence in Higher Education

September 3, 2019 Allison Tombros Korman David Arnold Wendy Mendes Anna R. Kratky Denmark Diaz

Committees, task forces, and working groups are common structures used in higher education to address pressing challenges. They are used to encourage multidisciplinary collaboration, creative thinking, and long-term solutions, but they are often challenged by logistical and bureaucratic barriers. 

Culture of Respect, a NASPA initiative, will lead a conversation about how student affairs professionals can engage in effective task force work, and how this model can be replicated to address interrelated issues facing campuses nationwide, including alcohol prevention, mental health and well-being, and equity. 

Presenters will share best practices in task force management based on expert advice, their own experience, and lessons learned from the Culture of Respect Collective, which supports institutions across North America in advancing institutional strategies for addressing sexual violence. Culture of Respect will also review how campuses can join the next cohort of Collective institutions.

Course Length
60 minutes
Course Type
On Demand

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