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Validating Advising; First-gen

Validating First-generation Student Experiences Through Transformative Leadership

Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Division
Tamara Coronella

Students arrive at college full of hopes and aspirations to complete their college degree; yet data reflect how certain minoritized populations, like first-generation students, depart college at disproportionately higher rates. Many researchers attribute this to long-standing, widespread systemic barriers within higher education, such as deficit-frameworks and their associated practices. Indeed, first-generation students are often described as “at-risk” or “vulnerable” because their parents did not attend college, suggesting they arrive at college “lacking” certain knowledge or capital.

Deficit-based frameworks and those programs and services designed upon “filling the gap” of what first-generation students lack reinforce systemic barriers, rather than promote student success. Alternatively, as transformative academic advisors in higher education, we can cultivate asset-based, validating advising experiences for students, which supports their intention to persist in college. In this live briefing, attendees will learn how to identify deficit-based frameworks, interpret and practice applying asset-based frameworks in their advising practices, and critique current practices to instead design transformative experiences.

Learning Outcomes

By attending this session, participants will…

  • identify and understand deficit-based frameworks;
  • interpret and practice applying asset-based approaches and frameworks; and
  • review and assess current practices to design and implement transformative experiences.
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