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The NASPA Community Colleges Division (CCD) is a vibrant and engaging home for community college professionals. The CCD examines issues relevant to community college institutions and professionals and hosts a variety of professional development opportunities. The Division provides thought leadership to NASPA through advocacy for community colleges.

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In NASPA’s 100-year history, the Association has sought to include all areas of higher education over the decades. What started as a Knowledge Community at NASPA was approved to become a Division within NASPA in 2007. Since then, NASPA and the CCD have created a partnership where professional staff can work alongside higher education professionals in various areas of the field to learn how to support students, faculty, staff, and to create opportunities to keep the field innovative and inclusive of the needs of all types of community college and two-year institutions.


The Community Colleges Division seeks to provide a space for community college professionals to connect with one another while providing scholarship, advocacy, and engagement. We provide a venue for discussion, research, and the distribution of information about community colleges. The goals for the Community Colleges Division are to:

  • Explore the impact of national issues in a community college context
  • Identify and support community colleges role in providing student services and programming with diminishing resources
  • Engage in and inform the profession about new research and practices regarding community college students and professionals
  • Empower colleagues as they explore pathways and possibilities offered by community colleges

The Division welcomes the participation of any individual who either works at or has an interest in community colleges, and it offers a platform for discussion, learning, and innovation. We aspire to make the Community Colleges Division a place for graduate students, faculty, and student affairs professionals to connect and share knowledge and experience.

We at NASPA want to make sure that you are getting the information you need from the NASPA Community College Division. Find out how to get connected!

Community Colleges Division Book Club

The Fearless Organization Book Cover

The CCD’s professional development team is pleased to continue its 2021-22 Book Club Series – “Equity by Design.”

Please join us on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at 3:00 pm EST, as we discus our third book The Fearless Organization by Amy C. Edmondson.

Please sign up to join us at:

After two successful reading experiences, we encourage you to read the third selection coming up for an opportunity for community college professionals’ highly interactive discussions with colleagues across the country. We are using these carefully selected publications on DEI from varying vantage points. Participate in one or all four book club discussions designed to:

1.    Provide participants with the tools to replicate these discussions at their institutions.

2.    Identify how you personally can drive change, lead change, sustain change

3.    Identify community stake holders within Community Colleges and identify those who can implement change

4.    Identify how your institution translates DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) values into actions

5.    Provide, through data, theory and best practice, a business case for prioritizing DEI

Participants are asked to order physical or electronic versions of these books in advance of the reading period and have copies handy during the discussion for reference if necessary. Online organizations such as Amazon can be used as sources for book purchase

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Signature Initiatives


Community Colleges Institute (CCI)

The CCI is a pre-conference workshop that allows staff and faculty to learn from and engage with one another on a variety of critical issues affecting student affairs professionals in the community college setting. In 2017, the CCI developed to include a number of concurrent sessions presented by and for community college professionals. The CCI provides community college professionals an opportunity to gather for 1.5 days for deep discussion on issues they can relate to.

Community College Symposium Series (CCSS)

The CCSS expands opportunities for community college student affairs professionals to engage with one another within geographic areas. The CCSS provides low-cost, high-quality professional development events focused on skill building content delivered by experts covering the role of the community college in society, student development theory, adult learning theory, and inclusive service delivery designed to meet the needs of the diverse community college student population. NASPA staff work with campuses across the nation to identify those willing to host this 1 day drive-in for their region.

Community Colleges Online Series (NCC Online)

The NCC Online series occurs quarterly each year. These free online learning opportunities are designed to provide timely and cutting-edge professional development for student affairs practitioners at community colleges in an accessible, engaging format. A subset of Community Colleges Division Board members identifies the topics for the year each summer and then works to select content experts and panelists for the webcast.


Latinx/a/o Task Force

The Latinx/a/o Task Force to advance Latino student affairs professionals at community colleges seeks to advance current and aspiring student affairs professionals of Latino descent who wish to work in community colleges. The mission of the NASPA Community Colleges Division Latinx/a/o Task Force is to execute its plan, with an association-wide impact, to advance Latinos in the profession of student affairs who aspire to or currently work in community colleges If your are interested in potential opportunities to participate on the LTF, visit their web page for contact information and volunteer opportunities.

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The Community Colleges Division Board is comprised of a diverse set of community college professionals with a breadth of experience in the field. Through it's Board, the Community Colleges Division supports the goals of NASPA by infusing the community college perspective into all NASPA programs, services, and publications.


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We welcome the participation of any individual who either works at or has an interest in community colleges and we hope to be place for discussion, learning, and innovation. We hope to make the Community Colleges Division a place for graduate students, faculty, and student affairs professionals to connect and share knowledge and experience. 

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