Strategic, Administrative, Operations, and Executive Advisory Roles Steering Committee

NASPA Strategic, Administrative, Operations, and Executive Advisory Roles Steering Committee

NASPA's Strategic, Administrative, Operations, and Executive Advisory Roles Steering Committee works to ensure that individuals who hold a Chief of Staff, Special Assistant to the VPSA, or a similar role have access to relevant programming during regional and national events.1

The Steering Committee strives to encourage excellence in these senior leadership positions through professional development, knowledge creation and sharing, networking opportunities, and recognition. 

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Navigating Tumultuous Times: A Conversation Between Strategic Principal Advisors

Join us for our next virtual event as we delve into a thoughtful and honest conversation with Strategic Principal Advisors (Chiefs of Staff) from various institutions as we discuss the strategic support our divisions will need during the coming fall semester. As organizations we may face challenging climate issues and disruptions this fall in advance of the November election and its ramifications; the continuing Israel-Gaza conflict; and the high profile impacts of SCOTUS decisions on our campus communities. The role of a Strategic Principal Advisor can be a pivotal role in steering the ship through these stormy waters. From advising our principals, to providing crisis response, to holding sacred spaces with our students and staff struggling during these situations, the Strategic Principal Advisor can assist in being an expert sharing invaluable advice and skills. From maintaining morale, ensuring clear communication, fostering staff resilience, developing, or assisting in implementing nimble response frameworks and prioritizing mental well-being, our goal is to pull our group together to discuss or develop best practices and innovative solutions that can help all of us and our teams not only survive but thrive amidst uncertainty.

Don't miss out on these crucial insights—join us on July 25th at 3:00 p.m. ET for our next virtual conversation on how you can help navigate your division through these challenges.

Date: July 25 at 3:00 p.m. ET

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1. Administrators who serve in roles that their institutions call "chiefs of staff" are the target audience for this leadership group. Several years ago, NASPA ceased using the term “chief” as part of its nomenclature, including the names of constituent groups. For example, NASPA’s initiatives for the highest ranking student affairs officer on campus now refer to “vice presidents of student affairs” rather than “chief student affairs officers.” Outside of Native American contexts, the term “chief” has been used in offensive and derogatory ways, especially toward Indigenous men. While the phrase “chief of staff” may currently be most accessible to you and others in similar roles, NASPA will not use this phrase in the naming of the new leadership group designed to support those serving in these roles.