Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs

Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs

The Student Affairs Partnering With Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Knowledge Community provides a forum for interaction among student affairs professionals serving in an academic unit within their institutions and/or those who are interested in the collaboration between student and academic affairs and how this collaboration can continue and thrive in the future. It also promotes the presentation of programs and workshops at regional and national conferences on issues related to the connection between student affairs and academic affairs. In doing so the SAPAA Knowledge Community serves to enhance the professional development of the person working in this area as well as to provide an opportunity for others to become aware of, and more familiar with, these issues. Finally, the SAPAA Knowledge Community encourages research and scholarly publication in the area of collaboration between academic and student affairs as well as promising practices at institutions.

Message from the Chairs

Welcome to the NASPA Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs (SAPAA) Knowledge Community. The SAPAA KC is an amazing opportunity for interaction for those who are interested in collaborations between student and academic affairs. Through the work of this talented group, we hope to foster partnerships and networks to foster lifelong learning and leadership and involvement opportunities that meet the needs and interests of SAPAA members, connect with NASPA KCs on potential collaborative efforts, engage academic affairs in SAPAA work, generate and disseminate scholarship related to effective student and academic affairs partnerships, and recognize best practices in innovative partnerships between student and academic affairs. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this important initiative.


Welcome to SAPAA!

SAPAA boasts an incredible and diverse representation of engaged and committed members.  We are excited to work with individuals who make collaborations a priority in their professional lives and in their mentoring and engagement with students.  We look forward to hearing about your interests and learning how we can make this KC even more responsive to your needs as professionals fostering effective partnerships between academic affairs and student affairs.

In the coming year, we welcome you to professional development and networking opportunities that exemplify the power of partnerships. SAPAA initiatives range from networking possibilities through our signature Working Groups on academic advising, and living-learning communities to committee efforts on scholarship, communications, social media, member support, and technology.  We are making a concerted effort this year to engage beyond the KC – and this includes working with graduate students and new professionals, collaborating professionally across and beyond NASPA, and recognizing individual and institutional emerging innovations through our Promising Practices Awards.  Finally, our members contribute time and energy to engage at important NASPA gatherings, and we hope that you will propose for all NASPA meetings.

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The SAPAA KC is run and supported entirely by the dedication and hard work of our volunteers. We offer numerous opportunities to be involved. You can take on a leadership role or join one of our committees or working groups. 


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Awards and Recognition Committee: The SAPAA KC Awards and Recognition Committee keeps the SAPAA KC members aware of all of the good work and best practices around partnerships between student affairs and academic affairs. This committee provides spotlights in our newsletter and coordinates the selection and recognition including the Promising Practices Award.

Communications Committee: The SAPAA KC Communications Committee is the communication hub for the knowledge community. This committee works on publicizing events for the larger committee, keeps our blogs updated, designs Synergy publications and provides technological assistance with our virtual professional development events. There are opportunities to work specifically with our social media accounts, technology, and designing publications.

Membership Engagement Committee: The SAPAA KC Membership Engagement Committee keeps the SAPAA KC members connected to each other both regionally and nationally. They welcome new members and help them connect and engage with committees and working groups. As a member of the committee, you have the opportunity to be a liaison for conferences outside of the NASPA Annual Conference.

Research & Scholarship Committee: The SAPAA KC Research and Scholarship Committee keeps the community abreast of current research and scholarship around partnerships between student affairs and academic affairs. This committee hosts one webinar that is open to the NASPA community each academic year, recruits and selects submissions for the Synergy newsletter, and writes the KC article for the annual NASPA KC publication.

Academic Advising Working Group: The SAPAA KC Academic Advising Working Group is a dedicated space for academic advisors across the country to connect with each other, share best practices, seek out support, and stay current on academic advising trends, and become empowered to enact change at our institutions. This WG is open to anyone who is interested in academic advising or aligns their daily work on campus with academic advising.

Living Learning Communities Working Group: The SAPAA KC Living Learning Communities (LLC) Working Group is for professionals looking to learn, willing to share, and looking to receive support from others working with LLCs. The LLC Working Group strives to promote the growth and sustainability of LLCs by fostering an understanding of development strategies, best practices, collaborative partnerships, and assessment processes. The group serves as a catalyst to help practitioners integrate educational components into the residential experience.

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One of the best resources available to you is the wide range of professional development opportunities. This list contains both our “Hosted Events,” workshops and webinars that we plan and manage, and some “Related Events,” hosted by the NASPA Central Office or other NASPA Constituent Groups. To see a full listing of NASPA events, please see the Events page.


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