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At-Risk Students -- Helping Them Graduate On-time and On-budget

Virtual Live Briefings Student Success Student Affairs Partnering with Academic Affairs Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level

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Students at-risk face a variety of challenges as they work to earn their college degree.  At StraighterLine, we help students earn college credit through self-paced courses that are designed with the modern, working, adult learner’s needs in mind.  At its core, StraighterLine partners with colleges and universities to help students earn credits and return successfully back to their home institutions -- your school. 

In partnership with one of our partner schools, the University of Louisiana--Monroe, this session shares how the university works with StraighterLine to refer students, and then return those same students back to continue with their degree.  Our discussion includes student success outcomes, in addition to showcasing the student services and support adult learners need -- and should have -- to successfully achieve their academic goals.

  •       Participants will discuss how enrollment advisors at U of L-Monroe work with prospective students to find pathways for students to start earning college credits through the Compete LA program/StraighterLine partnership, and then return back to U of L-Monroe.
  •       Participants will talk about student success and outcomes with respect to the StraighterLine/U of Louisiana--Monroe partnership.
  •       Participants will provide information on persistence, retention, and completion/graduation rates of students who are taking StraighterLine courses through the Compete LA partnership.
  •       Participants will review and discuss student services, the role they play in adult learners’ degree pathway, and how robust, 24/7 support helps working adults achieve their academic goals.



This event is free and open to all members.

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*All courses ACE Credit Recommended

*Our courses have been reviewed and selected by the Department of Education for its EQUIP pilot initiative

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