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International Students' Mental Well-Being: Connecting Research and Praxis

Virtual Live Briefings Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice International Education Orientation, Transition and Retention Wellness and Health Promotion

Mental health issues have been on the rise on college campuses in the United States. International students, a growing population at U.S. higher education institutions, have been found to be as, if not more, likely than their domestic peers to experience mental health issues. In the past few years, anti-immigration sentiments, stricter visa regulations, and, most recently, challenges related to continuing to pursue their degrees in the United States due to COVID-19, have created additional stressors for international students. Join Dr. Gudrun Nyunt, Clinical Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Northern Illinois University, Dr. Katie Koo, Assistant Professor of Higher Education at Texas A&M University Commerce, and Yuezhong Zheng, Program Coordinator in the International Students and Scholars Center at Arizona State University, as they discuss how current research on international students' mental well-being can inform the work of student affairs practitioners in various functional areas.


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