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Students' Lived Experiences of NACE Competencies within Residential Life

Virtual Live Briefings Student Success Career and Workforce Development AVP or "Number Two" Graduate Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level VP for Student Affairs

Interested in learning about how students perceive various experiences within their collegiate experience in relation to the National Association of College and Employers (NACE) Competencies? At Southern Methodist University, the presenters conducted an IRB-approved research study, investigating how students experience the NACE competencies throughout their residential experience. The research team utilized the Project CEO national benchmark complimented by a constructivist, qualitative, phenomenological study design to examine how residents are experiencing the NACE competencies. Findings from a thematic analysis of 15 semi-structured interviews resulted in three emergent themes around which students connect their residential life experiences to the competencies: unique context, engagement with residence life, and utilization and growth. This research is important for scholars and student affairs professionals alike as it advances knowledge in both career readiness and our understanding of how the residential student experience contributes to transferable skills. Presenters will facilitate a dialogue around methodology, research findings, and implementation strategies at your institution.


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