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Technology and Higher Education: Emerging Practice

Technology and Higher Education: Emerging Practice

Supporting the Profession Technology Faculty Graduate Mid-Level New Professional Senior Level

Technology and Higher Education: Emerging Practice examines the influence that technology has on the college and university environment for students, student affairs professionals, faculty, and the campus community at large. The compendium seeks to provide high-quality articles on research and practice in a manner that is sensitive to the ever-changing nature of technology. As such, the compendium utilizes an expedited peer review process for all submissions in order to produce the timely publication of relevant information.

Sponsored by the NASPA Technology Knowledge Community

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Submission Guidelines

Journal of Technology and Higher Education is currently accepting manuscript submissions of a variety of mediums: reports of empirical study, theoretical papers, case reviews, and more. The submission deadline for the next issue is January 24th, 2021 by 5:00pm. Click the button below to review submission guidelines and submit a manuscript.

Latest Issue

Volue 1, Issue 1, 2020

In this issue:
  • Digitally Connected: Exploring the Social Media Utilization of Student Affairs Leaders
    Josie Ahlquist

  • Teaching Technology, Systems, and Data in Graduate Preparation Programs
    Erica Eckert

  • Career Instruction for Academic Advising: An Online Cross-Training Pilot
    Lynn M. Atanasoff and Julia Glover

  • “It’s Really Confusing Sometimes”: The Influence of Social Media on College Men’s Masculine Identity
    Charlie Potts

  • What Hurricane Harvey Taught Us About Online Students
    Peggy Holzweiss and Daniel W. Walker

  • Development and Assessment Strategies of Educational Entertainment Media for Learner-Centered Instruction in Higher Education
    Roland Nuñez

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