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Technology and Higher Education: Emerging Practice

Technology and Higher Education: Emerging Practice

Supporting the Profession Technology Mid-Level

Technology and Higher Education: Emerging Practice is a forthcoming serial publication that examines the influence that technology has on the college and university environment for students, student affairs professionals, faculty, and the campus community at large. The compendium seeks to provide high-quality articles on research and practice in a manner that is sensitive to the ever-changing nature of technology. As such, the compendium utilizes an expedited peer review process for all submissions in order to produce the timely publication of relevant information.

The editors are currently accepting manuscript submissions for review. To be notified when the first issue of Technology and Higher Education is published, send an e-mail to office@naspa.orgTechnology and Higher Education is sponsored by the NASPA Technology Knowledge Community.

Submission Guidelines


  • Reviews & Practice Articles: 4,000 words maximum (inclusive of references, cover page, tables, and all materials).
  • Research Papers: 7,000 words maximum (inclusive of references, cover page, tables, and all materials)

Exceptions, cautiously granted, to this requirement must be discussed with the Editor in advance of manuscript submission.

Format: American Psychological Association (2010) (6th Edition)

Spacing and Fonts: Double-spaced, including references, block quotes, tables, and figures, consistently applied throughout the manuscript. Standard 12 point font throughout.

Abstract: 75 or fewer words.

Figures: All figures must be submitted as a PDF document or EPS or uncompressed Tiff (600 dpi) file in black and white or grey tones.

Language: English or with translations to English included. Writing free of prejudiced, biased, or disrespectful language.

Voice: Active voice to the greatest extent possible. Research findings reported in past tense.

Professional preparation: Manuscripts exceeding the length limits or requiring additional proofreading, formatting, and/or reference checks will be returned to the author(s) for further editing.

Questions about the submission and review process can be directed to the Editor by e-mailing ricel@emmanuel.edu.

Editorial Board

Liam Rice - Editor-in-Chief