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NASPA Interim Executive Placement Services powered by Keeling & Associates (K&A) offers a large pool of skilled and experienced higher education administrators who are available to serve in interim positions across a diversity of colleges and universities.


NASPA has partnered with Keeling & Associates, LLC, to offer NASPA Interim Executive Placement Services (IEPS). IEPS provides reliable and high quality services to NASPA member institutions who would benefit from an interim administrator. NASPA's services are unique compared to alternative placement options because of the "hands-on" involvement of Richard P. Keeling, M.D., and Jan Walbert, Ed.D. -- senior consultants with extensive executive-level leadership experience and in-depth knowledge of higher education and student affairs. Their knowledge and experience -- coupled with NASPA's position as the leading association for the advancement, health, and sustainability of the student affairs profession -- come together to offer a truly innovative and effective service.

NASPA Interim Executive Placement Services, powered by Keeling & Associates (K&A), offers a large pool of skilled and experienced higher education administrators who are available to serve in interim positions across a diversity of colleges and universities. Through a careful and conscientious process, the IEPS senior consultants work with each institution to define and fully understand that institution's needs and the specific roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the interim position. We compile important items like salary and benefits; anticipated term; portfolio and responsibility; and accountability and reporting structure of the position.

We review all potential candidates and submit a short list of appropriate candidates to an institution. All candidates submitted to an institution will have been deliberately reviewed and considered by the senior consultants for "goodness of fit" with the institution's needs. We will assist in the preparation and support, as needed, of any candidate for an interim position as they move forward with their candidacy.


There may come a time or circumstance when your institution needs to temporarily staff a senior level position with an interim administrator. When this happens, it is imperative to quickly identify someone with the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to successfully lead and manage in the position. Effective interim administrators are professionals with previous senior level experience who can promptly understand and adapt to the culture, vision, mission, and goals of your institution.

Identifying the right person for your institution requires a thoughtful, thorough, and rapid review process. NASPA Interim Executive Placement Services, powered by Keeling & Associates, accomplishes exactly that. Our services are directly led and managed by senior consultants who have served in the type of position for which your institution is searching. Richard P. Keeling, M.D.Jan Walbert, Ed.D.,and Jeff Ewing, M.Ed., higher education experts with decades of experience, guide a comprehensive process to identify an interim administrator who will best suit the needs of your institution. Our approach is personal, conversational, and acutely tuned to the needs and expectations of your institution.

A senior consultant will partner with you to define and assess what is required of a successful interim. This includes detailing roles and responsibilities, position scope and portfolio, accountability, reporting lines and structure, anticipated term, and salary and benefits. The senior consultant will then work diligently to compare your institution’s needs with the roster of qualified administrators who comprise our candidate pool. We present only those candidates who have undergone an extensive review, meet the needs and expectations of your institution, and have confirmed an interest in the position.

Please contact us directly to begin the conversation around identifying an executive interim placement.


Do you have executive or senior-level leadership experience in higher education or specifically in student affairs?

Are you interested working in a different institution or part of the country or sector of higher education?

Are you available and interested in serving as an interim senior executive for an institution that needs your help?

If so, we invite you to submit your information to us and be included in our candidate pool. For more information, please review the FAQ related to serving in an interim executive placement position. Click here to fill out the Candidate Questionnaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does NASPA manage Interim Executive Placement Services?

NASPA has partnered with Keeling & Associates, LLC (K&A), to provide Interim Executive Placement Services. For both candidates and employers, K&A will be your contact, source of information, and service provider on behalf of NASPA.

How do I get in the pool to be a candidate for an interim position?

Please complete the online candidate questionnaire to create a candidate profile and upload your CV.

What positions can I choose to serve in as an Interim?

You may list any position for which you feel you have the experience and skills to succeed as an Interim, but please know that K&A will always try to find the right fit for the institution from among the available candidates.

Is there a specified time to serve in one position?

The institution will inform K&A of the desired length of stay for the Interim. To be considered for the position, the Interim must agree to stay for that designated time frame.

Who will pay me while I am serving as an Interim?

Payment of services while in the interim role will be strictly between the Interim and the institution. Note, however, that fringe benefits are usually not included in an Interim’s compensation package.

What about housing, food allowance, professional travel, and other financial issues while serving as an Interim?

K&A will ascertain what the hiring institution will provide to the greatest extent possible. But the details are always worked out between the Interim and the institution once the Interim is selected.

If I take an Interim position and want to apply for the permanent position at the institution am I allowed to do so?

Any discussion of this possibility would be between the Interim and the institution. However, signing up for NASPA Interim Executive Placement Services does not mean that you automatically forfeit your right to apply for a permanent position; only the institution, not NASPA nor K&A, can make that determination.

Once I have completed one Interim role may I apply for another Interim position?

Yes. Some professionals have held several different interim positions. NASPA and K&A will retain your materials and details of your interest in our files until you ask that we remove your name and information from consideration for other positions

Does it cost me anything to put and keep my name in the pool?

No. All fees for the interim search service are borne by the institution.

Does it cost me anything if I am placed as an Interim?

No. All charges by NASPA/K&A for the interim search are borne by the institution.

If an institution wants me to come for an interview, who pays for my travel?

The hiring institution would pay for all expenses related to a personal interview.

What if I get to an institution and find that I do not work well with the president and/or other staff?

You would have to discuss that situation with the president (or designated supervisor) and, if need be, work out a solution or a departure plan with the institution. Neither K&A nor NASPA get involved in any part of the resignation or termination of Interims.