Issue Guides for Deliberative Dialogue

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December 18, 2019
In partnership with the Kettering Foundation, NASPA is developing issue guides for use by higher education institutions. Following the model establish by the National Issues Forum, NASPA issue guides are designed for use by groups with differing and diverse perspectives around a central question that does not necessarily have a pre-determined "right" answer. Deliberative forums introduce participants to multiple options for addressing a central issue or question and allow time for each option, and its tradeoffs or drawbacks, to be discussed by participants. The goal of a deliberative forum is to help participants consider issues from multiple perspectives and to engage in conversation with others who may hold different - and sometimes passionately held - opinions.
NASPA's first issue guide, Free Speech and the Inclusive Campus: How Do We Foster the Campus Community We Want?, will be released at the 2020 NASPA Annual Meeting in Austin, TX. The research involved in developing the guide included interviews and conversations with campus stakeholders who have multiple perspectives; the initial drafts were reviewed by individuals with direct experience in student affairs and higher education. While the guide is informed by conversations with hundreds of student affairs professionals, special thanks are due to those who helped guide its creation:
  • Brent Marsh, assistant vice chancellor for student affairs and dean of students, University of Mississippi
  • Erin Payseur Oeth, project manager for community engagement, University of Mississippi
  • Kara Lindaman, professor of political science, Winona State University
  • Diana Ali, associate director of policy research and advocacy, NASPA
  • Stephanie King, director of civic engagement and knowledge community, NASPA
  • Teri Lyn Hinds, director of policy research and advocacy, NASPA
The topic for the next NASPA issue guide will be announced soon. Look for opportunities throughout the spring and summer to participate in conversations to help us identify the key values and considerations as we work to expand our library of issue guides!

Forum Evaluations

Were you a participant or a moderator for a forum using a NASPA issue guide? please fill out a questionnaire below to help us evaluate how the guides are being used and identify topics for future issue guides!

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Free Speech and the Inclusive Campus

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Free Speech and the Inclusive Campus