NASPA Vermont

NASPA Region I - Vermont is dedicated to the development of students, colleges, and the profession across Vermont, the New England Region, and the country. We achieve this goal through:

- Offering various professional development and networking engagement opportunities

- Creating a culture of recognition and care across the state

- Collaborating with other professional organizations and groups to better serve the members of Vermont


Message from the Director

Message from the Director


Welcome to yet another year in Vermont!! As we continue to build the advisory board, we hope that you'll take advantage of all the wonderful networking and professional development activities that NASPA and Vermont have to offer!! We are always looking for individuals to be involved with our advisory board, whether it's in a titled position or simply engaging with other members in the state! If you have ideas, thoughts, or initiatives that you would like to see as NASPA members in Vermont, please feel free to reach out to any of the Advisory Board members located on the Advisory Board page!


All the best,

Cory Davis

NASPA State Director, Vermont

Advisory Board