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Welcome to the NASPA website for the Commonwealth of Virginia! This website serves as a resource for NASPA members within Virginia regarding all that is NASPA on the national, regional, and state levels. You may find information here about volunteer opportunities, scholarships, research, and much more! We invite you to look around the website to explore opportunities to engage with NASPA-VA.

NASPA-VA has the responsibility of catering to the needs of our NASPA Virginia members through our knowledge communities and professional development opportunities that will benefit student affairs professionals on all levels.  For information on becoming involved in NASPA-VA, contact our State Director, Carson Lonett. 

Message from the Director

Message from the Chair


Welcome colleagues to the NASPA VA website,

We are excited to represent and serve all members of our field in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Our hope is that NASPA can be where you can learn, connect, grow, and develop your career and yourself.  We will partner with other Virginia organizations like VACUHO and VACPA to bring the Commonwealth together and ensure that everyone has their place and professional home.  

Thank you for joining us and being why this is one of the best places to work and change the future of our field!

Please be in touch if you have ideas, want to volunteer, or want help building your career and network.


Carson Lonett

Executive Advisor to the Vice President, James Madison University





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