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AER KC Recap of the 2024 Annual Conference

Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
April 1, 2024

Whether or not you were able to join fellow AER KC members in Seattle for the 2024 NASAP Annual Conference, your AER leadership team would like to share some highlights from the experience.

We opened the conference by participating in the Knowledge Community Fair, tabling and sharing our AER enthusiasm, KC learning and engagegment opportunities, and pens!


AER KC Tabling w Beautiful Pen Aesthetic

Assessment, Evaluation, & Research Knowledge Community members gathered together to socialize, chat about what's been going on with the KC and what we have coming up, and discuss current trends, needs, and opportunities with our work. We especially appreciated the energy and perspectives brought to the space by so many folks new to the KC.  

With ample AER-related sessions available throughout the conference, some of the more highly attended and engaged sessions, topics, and discussions from the conference included:

  • Ethics in Student Affairs assessment and Reporting ("You Want Me To Do What!?)
  • AI in SA assessment ("Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Assessment Practice")
  • Data lakes ("Building a Student Affairs Data Lake: Data Integration for Inquiry, Improvement, and Impact")
  • Assessment practices, strategies, and challenges for mid-level professionals
  • "Student Success Through the Eyes of Students: A Fireside Chat with Dr. Vincent Tinto"

We also got to celebrate our very own, Dr. Darby Roberts, Director of Student Affairs Planning, Assessment, and Research, being recognized as a Pillar of the Profession! We hope you'll join us in celebrating Darby for her well-deserved award! You can still make donations to the current class of NASPA Pillars by following this link.

Dr. Darby Roberts, NASPA Pillar of the Profession

It's safe to say this was yet another successful annual conference. We hope those of you able to be with us in Seattle have returned safely to and regained the rhythm of your campuses, while bringing back with you new or rejuvenated ideas for stewarding the assessment and continuous improvement of your work.

And we are looking forward to getting together with so many from our KC again for the 2024 NASPA Student Success in Higher Education (SSHE) Conferences, including the Assessment, Planning, and Data Analytics (APDA) conference track, in Anaheim, CA, June 23 - June 25 (registration still open, early bird deadline is April 12).

'Til then and always, in community,

- Your AER KC Leadership