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Commit to Creating a Culture of Respect At Your Institution: Application for the Collective’s Cohort 7 Is Live!

Health, Safety, and Well-being Health, Safety, and Well-being Initiatives
August 11, 2022 Jessica Henault NASPA

Culture of Respect Collective is excited to announce that the application for Cohort 7 is now live! The Collective is a two-year program designed specifically to address the enormity and complexity of ending campus sexual violence. Grounded in a comprehensive, evidence-informed framework, the program guides institutions of higher education through a rigorous process of self-assessment and targeted organizational change. Since the Collective launched in 2017, the program has continued to drastically expand. More than 150+ institutions have committed to reimagining what it means to achieve equitable, accessible, and safe campus environments.

Institutions work to make improvements in six key areas: 

  1. Survivor support services;

  2.  Sexual misconduct policies and procedures;

  3. Multitiered education;

  4. Schoolwide mobilization;

  5. Public disclosure;

  6. Ongoing self-assessment. 

Data collected from the first two cohorts demonstrates that participating institutions’ completed or made progress on 85% of objectives to strengthen sexual violence prevention and response, and 77% saw increased collaboration between departments and colleagues in identifying and implementing efforts to address violence. Examining further, 92% of participants increased prevention programming frequency for undergraduates and nearly 50% increased the regularity with which they reviewed or revised their sexual misconduct policies. 

As the Collective continues growing, Culture of Respect remains committed to evaluating the effectiveness of the program and work to expand to meet the ever changing needs of institutions through the use of the CORE Evaluation and ongoing program evaluation surveys. In the coming months, Culture of Respect staff will release additional programmatic data detailing the experiences of institutions within previous cohorts. 

Applications for Cohort 7 will close on Monday, November 7th, 2022