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Man sitting on a footbridge spanning two mountains

Building Bridges: Fusion Leadership Connections

Supporting the Profession AVP or "Number Two" Mid-Level Senior Level VP for Student Affairs
February 5, 2020   |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Cherry Callahan Joanna M. Iwata Jan Javinar Daniel Maxwell

Please note: Times are listed in Eastern

As we consider the different leadership roles student affairs professionals are required to take on, how we create sustainable organizational changes (benefiting our teams and workplace) is critical to our success in building bridges through our best practices.

This webinar is based on the work of Richard L. Daft and Robert H. Lengel (authors of Fusion Leadership: Unlocking the Subtle Forces That Change People and Organizations) focusing on the utilization of six subtle forces of mindfulness, vision, heart, communication, courage, and integrity that has a direct bearing on transforming the norms in not only our workplace but with our teams.

Guest panelists will present their perspectives on this model within their own respective divisions and institutions creating positive results in real time.

Course Length
60 Minutes
Course Type
Live Briefing


Additional Information

The professional competencies this workshop addresses revolve around two key areas associated with organizational and human resources (OHR) to leadership (LEAD). When we consider what it requires for us to be effective in the diverse leadership roles we play whether that be as mid-managers to SSAO's within student affairs, our efficacy entails being able to successfully "build bridges" by "creating connections" that are synergistic (versus static) in nature otherwise we risk becoming "fission" leaders versus "fusion" leaders.

Learning Outcomes

The key outcomes and objectives for this webinar are focused on these competencies:

  • engaging participants to further explore different perspectives associated with how they lead within their organizations that can either defuse or fortify their efforts to create and sustain high performance team;
  • allowing both mid-managers and senior administrators in student affairs to compare notes on their best practices (to identify different ways to hone their skill base and knowledge of organizational change and building high performance teams given their core competencies;
  • exploring what they can do differently as fusion (versus fission) leaders within their campuses as social change agents (and as bridge builders and connectors).