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Introducing the LOOP Framework for Assessing Division-wide Assessments of Student Learning

Supporting the Profession Assessment, Evaluation, and Research Senior Level
November 7, 2019   |  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Andrew Morse Angela Meeter Brian Nissen Jennifer Schneiderman Shelley O'Connell

How can student affairs professionals tell a holistic story of the contributions of co-curricular learning environment on the development and success of students? How do we align departmental assessment activities and division-wide goals for student learning to showcase our stewardship of resources to a broad stakeholder audience? What resources exist to guide my department to develop high quality, sustainable, and ongoing assessments of student learning that align with the broader learning goals of the division and institution?

Enter the Learning Outcomes and Organizational Planning (LOOP) Framework. NASPA’s latest issue of Policy and Practice provides a step-by-step framework to help leaders and educators in student affairs collaborate toward creating or enhancing department-level and divisionally-aligned assessments of student learning and resource stewardship.

In this interactive live briefing, participants will experience how one department utilized the LOOP Framework as part of the University of Northern Iowa Division of Student Affairs’ initiative to develop sustainable cycles of co-curricular student learning outcomes assessment. 

Learning Outcomes

Following the live briefing, participants will be able to:

  • compare and contrast key steps to implement LOOP Framework principles and phases to their particular institutional contexts;
  • apply LOOP Framework principles and phases to their departmental assessment activities, ensuring alignment with division-wide learning goals; and
  • apply the LOOP Framework to departmental- and division-wide responsibilities for evidence to support internal planning and external accountability expectations’.
Members: $149 Other: $220
Course Length
60 minutes
Course Type
Live Briefing

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