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September 27, 2022

NASPA Peer Education Advisors Institute

Division/Group Events Health, Safety, and Well-being Alcohol and Other Drug Health, Safety, and Well-being Initiatives Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention, Education, and Response Wellness and Health Promotion Mid-Level New Professional

The NASPA Peer Education Advisor Institute is a convening of collegiate peer health education advisors to learn more about the field of peer education, and the complex needs of diverse learners at colleges and universities across the country. Although there is not one prescribed way to implement peer education, the Advisor Institute allows for participants to learn best practices, strategies, and skills to implement on their campus. 

Prior to attending, all participants are required to complete the Peer Education Advisors Academy, which is comprehensive foundational guide to building a peer education program. Register for the Peer Education Advisors Academy here

This event is limited to 50 attendees. Please plan to register as soon as possible to avoid missing out! 

*** This event has been moved to take place virtually. 

Presented By

 Health, Safety, and Well-being Initiatives


Each continuing education session will be hosted via zoom. Participants are highly encouraged to attend each session continuing education session since the topics and presenters are going to be different each time. Active participation is highly encourcaged.

All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Group Dynamics
September 27,2022 at 3 PM
Recruiting and Retention
Thursday, Oct 20th at 2PM
Assessment & Evaluation
Wednesday, Nov 2nd at 3pm
Program Planning & Implementation
Tuesday, Dec 6 at 12pm

As a peer education advisor group dynamics play an important role in the formation, retention, recruitment and succession of a peer education group. This session will discuss how to create environments where advisors, and students can thrive by learning how to navigate the different tips of group dynamics that are typical of a peer education group, along with navigating conflict, and hearing from your peer experiences. 

As a peer education advisor recruiting and retaining competent peer education is crucial to sustaining a functioning peer education program. Recruiting peer educators who can lead, educate, facilitate and present to their peers on relevant topics is the core of any successful peer education program. Once the students are recruited into the programming, it is crucial to create an environment that fosters growth and development. This session will discuss methods of recruiting and retaining peer educators. 

As a peer education advisor learning about assessment and evaluation is the key to ensuring that your peer education program is efficient. Assessment and Evaluation can provide you with another tool to provide credibility to the work that your students are doing, as well as evaluating programs, events and workshops. This workshop will focus on the best practices of assessment and evaluation within peer education programs.


As peer education advisors, program planning and implementation is a core function of peer education programs.  As an advisor you will typically assist your peer educators in program brainstorming, planning, implementation, and evaluation. This workshop will focus on how to create engaging, effective, and evidence-based programs, events and workshops.



Participants of the 2022 NASPA Virtual Peer Education Advisor Institute have a complimentary registration for all continuing education sessions as a benefit of participation. 

Registration rates for the NASPA Peer Education Fall Continuing Education Sessions  are based on NASPA individual membership status. Check out our Membership page to learn more about the benefits of membership, and how to sign up!


Registration Rates

 Member Rate  $0
 Non-Member Rate  $39 per session or $100 for the package of all 4 sessions


 Register for each session individually: 

  1. Group Dynamics, Tuesday, Sept, 27th at 3PM EST
  2. Recruitment & Retention, Thursday, Oct 20th at 2PM EST
  3. Assessment & Evaluation, Wednesday, Nov 2nd at 3PM EST
  4. Programing Planning & Implementation, Tuesday, December 6 at 12PM EST